Craven Interpretation Board Outdoor Lectern with Premier Perform Panel


Craven Interpretation Board Outdoor Lectern with Premier Perform Panel

Designed to attract and inform from a readable 45 degree angle, this angled outdoor lectern is an eye-catching and practical way to display information for visitors and users. Or choose to have the board flat and without an incline. Create an interpretation board perfect for your surroundings.

Design customisable and highly durable signage with our Premier Perform Panels.

Choose from size:

  • A3, A2,A1,A0
Artwork assistance is available for customers with no print ready art design. Please contact us to get in touch with our graphics team and to discuss artwork ideas/options.

Prices stated include delivery EXCEPT FOR : N Ireland, ALL islands offshore, Scottish Highlands. Please contact our offices for delivery prices to these locations. Please state quantity, postcode and any access restrictions.


Craven Interpretation Board Outdoor Lectern with Premier Perform Panel


Effortlessly classic and simple, yet wonderfully effective, this outdoor lectern is the perfect way to advertise, display and inform. Available in a range sizes, including A3, A2, A1 and A1, as well as special request sizes. Board’s default incline means it is angled, but customers have the option of having the board without an incline, and instead being flat. Choose the measurements of this interpretation board to best suit your needs, as well as utilising the customisability of our Premier Perform Panels to create a unique outdoor lectern perfect for you.

Inclined Tray Display

This Craven Interpretation Board has an inclined tray. This tray has front and rear returns sloped to a parallel finish to the vertical post, assisting rainwater runoff. Alternatively, customers preferring to a regular straight edge tray have that option too. Please state preference when getting in contact with our sales team.



angled outdoor lectern display at a marina without rainwater assist










This Craven outdoor Interpretation Board does NOT have rainwater runoff assist, and instead is simply a premier perform panel with no edging.




Designed to attract and inform from a readable 45 degree angle, this angled outdoor lectern is subsequently a great and practical investment for use in any park, school, town, heritage site or more.

The customisable options of our Premier Perform Panels

Use the customisability of our panels to design an outdoor lectern unique to your needs. Create an information display about surrounding wildlife, or use the interpretation board as a map of your area. Our Craven angled outdoor lectern makes the perfect viewpoint board. The possible uses of our Premier Perform Panels are therefore endless, and completely up to the customer’s specific desires and requests. Price stated includes product supplied in print ready artwork. Full artwork guidelines can be supplied. For customers in need of artwork assistance, we offer a design service that may be of interest. Please see our Artwork design blog post to learn more.

The benefits of using our Premier Perform Panels are endless, with its highly durable and anti-graffiti qualities. It is signage that is completely weather and water-proof, the colours used will not bleed or blur, and photographs can be printed onto our panels in high resolution.

Board Details:
  • Available in size options of A3, A2, A1, A0. Custom special sizes also available upon request
  • Choose to have the board at an inclined angle, or flat down
  • Trays secured onto a 5mm backing, welded to the post system
  • Aluminium tray system using a 3mm and 5mm tray system as standard
  • All board panels printed in our highly durable, graffiti and vandal resistant Premier Perform Panels. 
Legs Details:
  • Legs 50mm box on A3 size board. 76mm box on board sizes of A2, A1, A0.
  • Supplied at 1.6m as standard, recommended at 500mm depth in concrete pockets providing a 1.0m approx clearance at front edge. 
  • Legs with base plates for surface mount also available.
  • Available in a range of leg colours

For customers interested in a two-leg interpretation board, please see our Recycled Plastic Information Board.

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A3, A2, A1, A0