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Sloper Bench supply and Installation

Thank you for our recent install of 2 Sloper benches. Our locals have commented already how lovely they look and are also very comfortable and getting a lot of use!

Clerk- Leicestershire Parish council

More details on this product available here on our site https://whitehilldirect.co.uk/product/recycled-plastic-park-bench-sloper-style/

For other recycled outdoor seating options please visit https://whitehilldirect.co.uk/products/outdoor-seating/recycled-plastic-seating/

Sloper Bench supply and Installation

“Thank you for our lovely shelter its wonderful- school in surrey. Very happy with our canopy, looks great and the installation was no trouble at all”

School Lincolnshire

For a installation of cycle shelter and scooter rack with a display case- Excellent service and very happy with the way all the details and installation were carried out. Now found you we will use for other items in the future

School in Hertfordshire

Scooter use trebled once the rack was installed- very popular and useful storage system
childrens scooter storage rack for schools
Perfect to reduce messy heaps of scooters. Allows users to stand scooters within rack easily, and offers option of securing scooter with own cable lock as preferred. Available in a choice of colours to add life to your outdoor equipment and encourage users to participate in alternative ways to arrive at school.Our colour range features those most currently supplied however we are now able to offer many additional colours at no extra charge, simply check the colour you require and so long as this is in stock at our powder coaters we will supply a special colour at no additional charge.
Storage racks are made from heavy duty steel and are double coated for extra longevity and performance. We offer a choice of base plated for securing to ground, especially concrete base or Tarmac with provision of a concrete pocket beneath surface. As an alternative we also provide a long leg version which can be submerged directly into the ground into a concrete pocket.
Racks are available in single sided 10 space,Double sided 20 space, wall mounted 10 space and our new small user option 6 space wall mounted which can be affixed to a wall.The new 6 space version comes with a unique locking flange that only requires a padlock to secure the scooter rack.

The wall mounted scooter rack provides benefit in reducing ground disturbance, as it easily affixes to a suitable brick or stone wall with our bolts supplied. This allows for easy installation and reduction of cost in installing this rack at school. Further it can and has been used against suitable timber fences, cladding and wooden structures.

Childrens scooter storage rack for schools have enabled schools to utilise the scooter rack in their healthy schools initiatives and the racks are often found to increase pupils coming to school via these alternative means.

Scooter racks form part of our added benefit products for schools, for other suggestions please also see

Buddy Bench benefits for Children

Primary School in Yorkshire

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