Vialux Stainless Steel Anti Frost Anti Condensation Mirror


Stainless Steel Unbreakable Optic
Anti Condensation and Anti frost in built device requires no electricity
Ideal for High Routes,Remote locations, Coastal and Industrial Areas
10 Year Stainless Steel Guarantee
6 Year Anti Frost device Guarantee
Keeps images clear from misting, ice etc
Supplied with Fixing bracket suits posts or wall mount
Red and White High visibility frame
Mirror size shows viewing distance recommendation


Stainless Steel Anti Frost & Anti Condensation Traffic Mirror

Stainless Steel Mirrors are virtually unbreakable and unalterable will withstand almost anything and have a 10 year guarantee on the Optic.This range incorporates an anti frost device requiring no electric connection to help provide clear view on those frosty cold winter mornings.Can be used in remote or countryside locations to good effect.

The variable climatic conditions experience in the British isles through winter causes condensation and possibly ice to form when the air temperature drops. Small droplets of water form on the surface of the mirror making it quickly inoperable. The Vialux anti frost anti condensation mirror will provide clear images in temperatures down to – 20.
The mirror functions using the principal of day time latent heat storage which is then used to keep the mirrors frost and condensation free, giving you visibility.

In addition they will not rust – ideal in areas near the coast that suffer sea salt in the air. Reflective Red and White Frame increases awareness for road users. They are light weight however & can with stand extreme weather, the kit including fixings that have been tested to withstand wind speeds up to 183km/h. These mirrors are ideal for helping eliminate blind spots at corners, concealed entrances and exits, car parks and junctions.

Specifications for the Stainless Steel Anti Frost & Anti Condensation Traffic Mirror
10 Year Guarantee on the stainless steel optic
6 year guarantee on the anti frost anti condensation device
Suitable for road and traffic use as well as industrial sites
Non Rust ideal for seaside locations
Easy clean just hose down with water no scrubbing required
Made from Stainless Steel Optics
Red & white frame Conforms to BS EN 12899-1:2007
Available in a variety of sizes
Circle or Rectangle mirrors available
Mount to wall or 60 – 90mm diameter post
Robust and adjustable mounting kit included
Galvanised and RAL 6005 Green colour coated mounting posts available
Galvanised Dual mirror support arm for 60-90mm posts available- contact our offices for details
Quantity rates are also available on application

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Mirror size in options also states recommended maximum viewing distance from mirror in Metres.

Additional information

Mirror Size

60 x 40mm 9M, 600mm ROUND 11M, 80 x 60mm 20M, 800mm ROUND 20M, 1000mm ROUND 30M


Galvanised Steel Post, Green Post, No Accessories