Recycled plastic bench and table set social distancing

Recycled Plastic Hyde Park Bench And Table Set

Recycled Plastic Hyde Park Bench and Table Set

  • Ideal set for business, schools or leisure users
  • Encourage outdoor seating and use with Eco friendly products
  • Steel profile internal reinforced slats
  • Great design for social distance requirements
  • Weatherproof, requires no coating and can be used in coastal areas
  • Require NO maintenance
  • NEVER rots or allows insect infestation
  • Stylish finished look, with two different seating arrangements
  • Delivery by our own dedicated transport arrangements
  • Hyde Park set 165cm x 225cm x 95 cm Black & Brown finish £ 999.00 excluding delivery
  • Hyde Park set 195cm x 225cm x 95 cm Black & Brown finish £ 1125.00 excluding delivery
  • Contact our offices with your requirement and postcode for our dedicated delivery service pricing
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Recycled Plastic Hyde Park Bench And Table Set

This simple yet perfect bench and table set is made with completely recycled plastic. Our Recycled Plastic Hyde Park Bench and Table Set comes as a set of three, including one backless bench, one sleek finished table and one Hyde Park bench with a back.

Ideal set for business and leisure that also are conscious of social distance requirements under current guidelines.

Colour comes as natural brown, with black lining.

One seat with back, one without, therefore allowing users to choose and enjoy whichever they prefer. Very stylish, fits in nicely with most surroundings, subsequently adding a modern tone to any surrounding.All slats are reinforced to prevent any warp or bend in years to come, this is achieved by using a steel profile internally thats gives additional strength to the profiles.

This set allows a communal space for people to take a break together, and relax in their surroundings. Particularly ideal for encouraging office workers to take their lunch outside, or for parks as a space to enjoy nature. Recycled plastic never rots, requires no maintenance and is highly durable. To understand more about just beneficial this type of product is, please take a moment to view our article here.

Widths: 195cm and 165cm.

Slats: Premium type (reinforced)
Bench with backrest – 7 bench planks: 180/150 x 10 x 4.7 cm
Bench without backrest – 4 bench planks: 180/150 x 10 x 4.7 cm
Seat height: 45 cm
8 table planks: 180/150 x 10 x 4.7 cm
Table height: 80 cm
Table surface: 90 x 165/195 cm
These benches and tables can be secured onto the ground.
Optional: Ground anchor type 1 (Benches) and type 3 (Table)-poa

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Recycled Plastic NEVER rots, requires NO maintenance and is HIGHLY sustainable. Click here to view an article that
explains more fully just how beneficial this type of product is.