Recycled Plastic Seating – an Investment for the Future

Recycled Plastic Seating – an Investment for the Future

Recycled Plastic Seating - an Investment for the Future

How Long Does Recycled Plastic Last?

Recycled plastic truly is an investment for the future; furniture made for today, tomorrow and years to come! Recycled plastic will not host or allow insect infestation, rotting or splintering, making it a far superior material to its wooden competitor. Our recycled plastic furniture comes with a massive up to 20 years warranty! Such long-life and durable products as our seating are perfectly suited to by-the-sea locations, as the material is salt spray resistant. This versatile product works well in busy public/education spaces, as it will withstand heavy use, but also looks stylish and remains practical in more domestic environments, such as home and garden settings. Our Heskin Modern Picnic Table and Bench set is a popular choice for garden furniture seating solutions.

Good For our Planet?

Recycled plastic is a material that is made by taking waste that otherwise would have gone into our oceans and into landfills, and creating recycled plastic lumber with which we make practical yet modern furniture. Reducing the strain on landfills, our recycled plastic seating offers a sustainable solution to an ever-growing problem. Produced without preservatives, further adding to environmentally friendly aspect, it is a material that manages to be sustainable, non-polluting and offer a low carbon footprint. Learn more about the benefits of Recycled Plastic 

Extra Support with Steel

Depending on the model chosen, some of our products are made with built in reinforced steel strengthening bars to eliminate the possibility of the recycled plastic lumber bending or arching where the material is not thick enough on its own to avoid this. Such products with this feature include our Birkacre Recycled Plastic Picnic Table and our Recycled Plastic Hyde Park Bench and Table set.