Hemispheric Workplace Mirrors 4 Direction View


Half sphere Hemispheric Workplace and Industry Mirrors


  • Available in PMMA or Polycarbonate
  • Ceiling mount with chains supplied
  • Variable sizes: Ø 660mm, Ø 800mm, Ø 1150mm
  • Provides clear, sharp vision to avoid collision
  • PMMA 2 Year warranty, Polycarbonate 5 Year warranty
  • Polycarbonate version unbreakable and fire M1 classification


Hemispheric Workplace Mirrors Ceiling mounted  4 Directions.

Half sphere mirrors – 360º vision for utmost safety, positioned best where 4 different directions meet.  A vital safety measure to avoid injury and collisions. Viewing distance up to 15 metres! Ceiling mounted by chains each 1 ever in length joined at a central link point supplied.
Available in choice of PMMA optics and polycarbonate optics.
PMMA optics offer a clear and sharp image. 2 year full warranty included.PMMA mirrors provide sharp image however these mirrors are not unbreakable.
Polycarbonate optics are unbreakable and hold an M1 fire classification.
The mirror is drilled in the centre to allow water to pass through in the case of sprinkler systems activating.
5 year full warranty included.
Viewing Distances – Recommended maximum viewing distance from mirror

ø660mm PMMA 8 metres

ø800mm PMMA 10 metres

ø1150mm PMMA 15 metres


ø660mm Polycarbonate 8 metres

ø800mm Polycarbonate 10 metres

ø1150mm Polycarbonate 15 metres

Sharpness and clarity of image is of utmost importance, and our mirrors provide undistorted vision, guaranteeing  safety and precise surveillance.
Mirrors are supplied with a bracket set , for easy installation. Hang from the ceiling with the 4 chains and central link that come provided.
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PMMA Optics Ø 660mm, PMMA Optics Ø 800mm, PMMA Optics Ø 1150mm, Polycarbonate Optics Ø660mm, Polycarbonate Optics Ø800mm, Polycarbonate Optics Ø 1150mm