Heskin Recycled Plastic Children’s Bench

Heskin Recycled Plastic Children’s Bench

Recycled plastic is moisture repellent, requires no maintenance, is sustainable, and comes with 15 year manufactures guarantee.

Colour options designed to attract and appeal to young children, offering a fun seating place. Options include Grey & Blue or Blue & Red & Green.

Rounded edges, ensuring added protection. No sharp corners, perfect for young children.

A great modernising and eye-catching addition to any school, nursery or day-care playground, bringing together children with an enjoyable place to sit.

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Heskin Recycled Plastic Children’s Bench

This classic design is modern and especially eye-catching with its colour options, aimed at being visually appealing to young children. School playgrounds will be  immediately modernised with the installation of one of these beautiful, sleek benches. A bench that offers a fun place for children to sit, the heskin children’s bench will be the perfect addition to any outdoor setting. Due to its simple, yet stylish, design, customers have the option of creating their own unique space by placing multiple benches together and therefore adding extra seating arrangements. The colour options available also encourage synchronicity with popular school colours.

Recycled plastic is our way of caring for children’s future by using waste that would otherwise have gone into landfills, and instead, creating beautiful outdoor and indoor furniture. The perfect solution; instead of adding more plastic onto our earth, we re-use the plastic that we have too much of already and create a material that is moisture-repellant, requires NO maintenance and is highly durable, so children and adults alike can enjoy their favourite benches year after year.

Made with rounded edges, our Heskin children’s benches are safe for young children, and offer extra protection. Available colours include Grey-Blue or Blue-Red-Green.


> Width: 150cm

> Height: 34cm

> Depth: 28cm

> Weight: 51kg

> 3 Profiles: 9 x 9 cm

> Free-Standing

> No maintenance require, comes with 15 year manufactures guarantee  


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