Recycled Plastic Heskin Backless Bench

Recycled Plastic Heskin Backless Bench

Freestanding uniquely designed picnic bench with no back. Made with recycled plastic, eco-friendly and sustainable!

Modern look, goes well with most outdoor settings, the perfect touch of style.

  • Available in a choice of colours, including Grey, Black, Brown, Black-Brown and Black-Grey.
  • 150cm width

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Recycled Plastic Heskin Backless Bench

This uniquely designed eco-friendly backless bench is made with recycled plastics – waste that otherwise would have gone into landfills. Whilst it also helps save our planet, being so sustainable, its the perfect material for making outdoor, and indoor, furniture too! Recycled plastic is cost efficient, never rots, is moisture repellent and extremely durable. It will not be affected by wind and rain, the same as wood would be, which makes this bench perfect for year-round use. Find out more about our recycled plastic range.

This attractive, simple yet stunning backless bench is built to sustain plenty of usage whilst still being the modern seating design to go with any outdoor space.. Available in variety of colour options including:

Grey, Black, Brown, Black-Brown and Black-Grey.

The perfect modern addition to public or private settings. As this bench will not take up too much space, yet offers a comfortable temporary resting space, its perfectly ideal for universities and busy public spaces such as towns and cities.


> Width: 150cm

> Height: 45cm

> Depth: 38.2cm

> Weight: 74kg

> Freestanding

> 4 profiles: 132 x 9 x 9 cm

> No Maintenance required 15 year manufacturers guarantee

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