Pendle Interpretation Lectern with printed panel

Interpretation Panel Lectern with Premium Grade Stove Baked panel display

Ideal for use in all Environments including Coastal locations and remote locations

Features include, anti graffiti and anti scratch resistance

Resistance to acids, salt air and permanent markers

Fire and Burn resistance

Recycleable product at end of service life

Panel supplied with 10 year warranty

Lectern prices include printed panel*

Artwork to be supplied in suitable format for printing and enlarging

Choice of colours and choose from 10 sizes.

Price upon application – please contact or phone 01257 412233 for your personalised quote


Pendle Interpretation Lectern with printed panel


Robust product to display your information and to continue providing many years of use without degradation.

Ideal for use in challenging environments, extreme weather, coastal locations and high traffic areas.Open face design this version requires no cover as its in built qualities provide superb performance.Perfect option for activity trails,wayfinding,wildlife information boards and orientation displays. Ideally suited to locations that seldom require the information to be revised or changed.

Panel Information 

Our Pendle rangeInterpretation Lecterns are supplied with our premium aluminium panel for your print or artwork to be applied. The panel supplied offers a premium product performance with the following features:

Anti Graffiti protection.

Scratch resistant coating, vandal resistant and weatherproof finish

Resistant to Uv light and Permanent markers

Fire, Burn , acids, alkaline, salt spray resistant

Can be submerged in water

Fully recyclable at end of service life

The Panel display is highly used in the signage, information and street scene environments, and represents a superb return on investment.

Our outdoor lecterns are manufactured in high grade aluminium for rust prevention and to provide a strong means of visual display in the most challenging of environments.

Range of sizes available with further increased design features to support larger display panels.

All prices include the use of our stove baked premium grade finish in either satin or gloss finish.

Price upon application – please contact or phone 01257 412233 for your personalised quote

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Additional information

Display Sizes

A2, A1, 900 x 600, 900 x 1000, A0, 1200 x 900, 1500 x1000