Replacing Timber noticeboards with Aluminium?

We receive many enquiries from Rural and Countryside located councils concerning a suitable inexpensive timber outdoor noticeboard replacement with aluminium.

Many express concerns over pricing, past performance, durability and ongoing maintenance requirements of wooden noticeboards. We at White Hill Direct have a great alternative for your consideration to solve the ongoing problems of maintenance, performance and life expectancy of wooden noticeboards, resulting in large savings, and an aesthetically pleasing product requiring little or no ongoing maintenanceour range of external noticeboards in high grade aluminium with rural colours.


Considering timber outdoor noticeboard replacement? Think aluminium.

Our range has proven to be a great alternative whilst maintaining a traditional feel as provided by true wood. Our range of either wall mounted external noticeboard or post mounted noticeboards are available in a Dark Brown RAL 8017, Dark Green RAL 6005 or Black RAL 9005.These colours have been used and integrate well into the rural environment, not only pleasing on the eye but also form a maintenance point of view as they require no re coating, are weatherproof and waterproof, will not corrode or degrade and also offer many user benefits. The boards benefit from a steel lacquered backboard which is easy to use with the magnets provided in holding notices, removing the need to insert or withdraw often difficult drawing pins or staples. Backboards are kept in pristine condition as they will not discolour in sunlight, do not hold moisture and will not suffer from mildew as so often the case with fibre based or fabric covered backboards.

Boards are tamperproof and are supplied with key locks for ease of use and to secure your notices and restrict access. However we also have an additional option should you require access for all users without the need to obtain a key from the Clerk or Parish office.

Efficient thumb key locks make access easy for clerks or users updating notices and with the options of either permanent key locks or on certain models the thumb lock option this allows for 24 hour access without the need to locate a key for access.

Park Noticeboards Range using Hardwood Posts

We also use Hardwood posts on a range of noticeboards in our Park Noticeboards range.These noticeboards utilise Aluminium cases in a rural colour finish of Brown RAL 8004 to combine with the posts and create a lovely timber look effect preferred by many for their countryside locations. The finish enables users to use modern materials with long life expectancy and keep them in a environmentally appealing finish for your rural settings.

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Visit our webpages as follows for the sizes, options and range of cases available to help provide a solution, reduce cost and improve your information display with top quality External noticeboards in high grade aluminium with rural colours:

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