Double Sided Notice Boards

External double sided noticeboards weather poof and water proof in High grade all aluminium construction.Aluminium provides rust proof material and will provide many years quality use for your investment.

Our range offers the opportunity to display in a single case anything from 18 to 60  A4 display or to combine maps, displays, advertisements and other information all at one single point.

For users on or near the coast and to protect from salt air corrosion we also offer as an optional extra a maritime coating which gives increased protection from salt, sand and sea air. It is also highly recommended as an addition to highly industrialised areas for added protection.

Provide extra display space for your notices with our range of sizes and options. Your notices are held in place by use of magnets as these boards feature a steel back board for ease of use and added strength in construction.

Available with a choice of post profiles to complement your notice board size and designs.  All noticeboards feature true key locks and are supplied in a wide range of colours and size options for you to choose from.We also offer the double sided range in single door, double door and triple door versions.

Ideal for many applications, parks, schools, leisure and business these External double sided noticeboards are sure to catch attention and create a visual information point. Add one of our header panels to give further status to your display, to communicate or to confirm your ownership.

Boards are supported by our minimum 5 year manufacturers warranty, and in addition to the colours featured all are available in special colour choice for a small supplement.

Read more on our exceptional features on our blog article:

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