Barriers & Safety Products

A comprehensive range of solutions to help prevent accidents in the industrial, manufacturing and logistics workplace.Barriers for safety, access control and to prevent unauthorised entry ideal for car parks, rural areas and areas where access is to be controlled.

Wide range of protection, safety and accident prevention products essential to protect workforce and visitors in industrial and commercial environments.Barriers for car parks, restricted access areas and to protect users from vehicular routes.

We also offer a custom made service on many items to enable use to design and build a product for your specific location to enable you to have exactly the right product.

Choose from Galvanised and painted options, base plated or concrete direct into ground as preferred.

Our site survey service can also be used in connection with both safety protection barriers and our industrial safety mirrors to enhance both safety to employees, buildings and visitors. Improve your health and safety record and make your workplace a safer place and a more productive place.

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