Steel & Timber Seating

Outdoor seating street furniture Hardwood Steel stylish designs
Create a statement with our stylish and unique designs in Outdoor Seating.

Large range of stylish outdoor seating suitable for heavy use areas, Parks, Town Centres, Green Spaces, Sports grounds, Golf clubs, Hospitals, Care Homes etc

Designs include, Seats, Benches, Chairs and Perch seating options.
Many contemporary designs to provide comfortable and stylish seating options
Designs give localities opportunity to create their own identity and character

Coastal Protection coatings enable us to protect form the salt air and reduce corrosion risk, which enables a 10 year guarantee when we use this additional coatings method.
Made from choice of materials, Steel, Wood, Cast Steel,Softwood & Hardwood options
Choice of colours, sizes and top cap options

Vandal resistant all steel construction for more vulnerable areas
Elegance and comfort, price sensitive range of outdoor seating.
All seating is supplied with standard 5 year guarantee as minimum.

Outdoor seating street furniture Hardwood Steel stylish designs and more available in our outdoor seating category.

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