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Buddy Bench Initiative

Many of our benches featured have been used in the Buddy and Friendship bench initiatives in schools and offer bright engaging options for children to enjoy. Similarily our range of recycled benches and playground equipment has proved very popular for schools as these items also support Eco friendly and green initiatives at school.

Some of our school outdoor furniture is made of recycled plastic…

What is Recycled Plastic?

Recycled plastic offers a sustainable solution to planet earth’s 51 trillion microscopic pieces of plastic waste. Plastic where it shouldn’t be – in our oceans, on our beaches and in our land – is killing our animals and ruining our nature. What are we doing to change that? Plastic takes up to 1,000 years to decompose! Think of all that plastic on our earth for so long! And as more and more is being made, where can we put it all?

The answer to both of these questions, we believe, relies in recycling the very thing we can’t seem to get rid of. Recycled plastic takes plastic waste away from landfills and into something valuable, that can be used day by day. Something useful to benefit ourselves and our community. And whilst recycled plastic is not only helping to save our planet, it’s also saving you money! It never rots, requires zero maintenance and is moisture repellent.

The Benefits Of Recycled Plastic

Requires NO Maintenance

Fully Recyclable

Vandal Resistant

Water and Moisture Proof

Long Lasting / Never Rots



Low Carbon Footprint

Our School Outdoor Furniture

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