Recycled Plastic Seating

Our Recycled Plastic Outdoor Furniture range, varying from luxury outdoor garden furniture, recycled plastic table and chairs sets or even recycled patio furniture, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for here!


Plastic bottles alone take up to 450 years to decompose! Plastic bottles are amongst the plastic waste we turn into useful items.

The Recycling Process 

The plastic waste arrives at the recycling and manufacturing plant.

Prior to the process beginning, a quality check takes place on the material. 

All the plastics are shredded and pre-washed.

To remove all contaminants, the shredded plastic is washed again. The water used is being treated and re-used to ensure that nothing is unnecessarily wasted. This manufacturing production uses an amazing 90% less water than the production of virgin plastic!

The shredded material is dried and quality checked again.

Once the experts are happy with the quality of the raw material, it is all melted down and ready to be blended.

We only want the best for our customers, so the material is checked again at this point.

The molten plastic is extruded and moulded into lumber profiles to make the final products. 

The extruded material will now rest and cool for a specific amount of time.

All the new recycled plastic lumber is tested and exposed to rigorous technical tests to ensure their quality and durability.

Subject to the recycled plastic passing the aforementioned quality control check, its ready to be made into the products we love!

All our recycled plastic products are carefully produced and put through a total of 4 quality control checks to make sure our customers only get the best. To see the final products, please scroll down. We hope you love them just as much as we do! 


Requires NO Maintenance

Fully Recyclable


Water and Moisture Proof

Long Lasting / Never Rots


Weather Proof

Low Carbon Footprint


Recycled plastic outdoor seating and picnic tables low maintenance long lasting outdoor solutions.

Tired of replacing and maintaining your outdoor seating due to degrading of materials? Require outdoor furniture that is vandal resistant? Low maintenance as product will not warp, shrink, rot or allow insect infestation. Use in coastal locations as salt air will not degrade materials unlike timber alternative.

Eco friendly product reduces landfill waste as made from recycled plastic items. Promote green initiatives and save money and time with these hard wearing products.

Wide range of items to suit all locations and budgets.

Range of colour options and sizes including junior range for use in schools and nurseries.

Create seating forms with our new backless benches including the Stratton Bench and the Coombe curved Bench which can be used together to create imaginative areas.


Quality construction that can be supplied with option of flat packed version or in some cases as fully assembled. Please see item descriptions for details on delivery and supply options.

Our Recycled Plastic Seating Products

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