Childrens Outdoor furniture

Childrens Outdoor Seating and Playground Furniture items

Range of options for use by children of all ages.

Perfect for use early learning, nurseries, schools and home.

Choice of colour options and materials to further enhance both appearance and attraction supporting outdoor learning and play.

Our materials used vary form Hardwood, Steel and new Recycled plastic items, all however built to last and withstand heavy daily use in all environments. Safety and strength in the product is very important and one that our selection gives great consideration to, enabling the client and user to have confidence in the integrity of the product.

Many of our benches featured have been used in the Buddy and Friendship bench initiatives in schools and offer bright engaging options for children to enjoy. Similarily our range of recycled benches and playground equipment has proved very popular for schools as these items also support Eco friendly and green initiatives at school.

Recycled plastic products also feature several key benefits of particular note when being used by children:

No splinters, cracks or decay on the product

Weatherproof and requires no re coating or manitenance

100% recycled and recyclable product

Does not contain any harmful substances that are harmful to users or the environment

20 Year lifetime guarantee on all recycled products

Check out our range today, all schools can order and pay on invoice with our instant credit account for schools invoices are only raised once goods have been dispatched.

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