The introduction of super-bright LED technology has had a major impact in the area of stage lighting and LED stage lights are becoming increasingly popular as a means of lighting stage and performance areas.  LED fixtures have several key advantages over conventional incandescent lighting fixtures. Ideal for school productions, Village halls and leisure centres together with our Audio and Staging packages featured.

  • Low Power Consumption
  • Cool Running – safer to handle, safer near small children & safer near combustible materials
  • Maintenance Free – no more lamps to change or filters to clean
  • Multi Colour – LED ‘wash light’ fixtures contain multi colour LEDs which can be controlled via the lighting control desk, so no need to change coloured filters when you need a different colour
  • Dependable – no more blown lamps at inconvenient moments
  • Climate Friendly – low power consumption and cool running mean minimal environmental impact

To view or download our 4 Page Brochure with our package offers on Lighting, Audio and Staging click on our Pdf link here.

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