Extending barrier for use on pavements

Steel Extending Safety Barrier Yellow & Black Finish


Workman Steel Extendable safety Barrier system Extendable to 3.0m
Protects Staff and Pedestrians when working or excavating
Height 1.0m
Steel manufacture with high visibility colours

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Steel extending safety barrier site safety system

Concertina Design allows barrier to be quickly extended for immediate use. Ideal for use in public areas when excavating ground or to protect workers and pedestrians.

High visibility finish in warning colours red and white to improve awareness and protect pedestrians and users from Hazards. Ideal for quick use to protect workmen and users.

Height 1000mm extending up to 3000mm

25mm diameter end posts 30mm diameter feet section

Fully assembled riveted and complete.

Suitable for any workforce that has to make repairs to pavements and footpaths or any where pedestrians are likely to pass. The quick and easy barrier is simple to install giving protection and high visible means of isolating areas from pedestrian access. Versatile system which allows users to cordon off areas up to 3m with one single barrier.Construction work or roadworks that are carried out on public roads have to comply with Chapter 8 of the Traffic Signs Manual. Otherwise the work taking place will be deemed illegal and of unnecessary risk to employees and the general public

Unit expands down for storage and transporting from site to site

Create safer working environments and protect users and pedestrians with this versatile easy to use and economical barrier system.

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