Finger Post Directions Signs

Multi Directional way finder system
Robust 16mm Double skin option and Budget 3mm single skin version available
Aluminium components low maintenance and durable
Options to suit your own design and requirements
Multiple choice options and designs

Finger post systems guidance- Systems on pathways and walk routes should be no less than 2.1m to the bottom finger, and on Cycle paths/ Routes no less than 2.6m to bottom finger.
Post embellishments, Finials and base supports available

Contact our sales office for assistance and your specific quotation


Directional Signage Systems to provide clear directions in multiple areas.

Option of 3 Finger styles, Chevron, Bull Nose and Square
Double skin 16mm Thick Finger arms durable and robust
Manufactured in Low Maintenance Aluminium
Choice of Finger heights, Standard Height 165mm
Choice of finger Lengths standard length 770mm
Multiple finial options
Option of multi way signage at same height subject to restrictions

To view another of our multiple way fingerposts, please click here

Extensive colour choices
Multiple option system – contact sales for your exact requirements