5 Main Benefits and Key Features of our Outdoor Seating Range

Outdoor Seating Benefits and Key Features

Every town and public area wants something unique to create its own character, something that gives it a unique feel. This shows thought to visitors and residents and also creates a feeling of well being and prestige.

Our range of outdoor seating, park benches and street furniture has been selected with this as a primary aspect:

Benefit 1 – Comfort

Outdoor seating needs to be comfortable, easily accessible and attractive to engage users and invite people to enjoy your green spaces.

Whilst outdoor seating has to be made from tougher materials than indoors there should still be a measure of comfort. Our designs have been selected and manufactured to provide the optimum choice and to facilitate a comfortable outdoor experience.

Design is carefully crafted to understand the human body and proportions to ensure comfort in a stylish and innovative way.

Benefit 2 – Material choice

Using quality materials we provide a range of options giving both longevity of use and appearance quality for many years.

Our range uses Steel, Timber, Recycled plastic and PEFC Hard woods to create options for all tastes and environments.Key to our materials choice is the ability to offer products which provide a long life with value for money.

Benefit 3 – Material Strength

Our products use high quality materials and use timbers that range from 36mm Depth to 60mm Depth. Steel tubes and box sections also feature substantial strength and dimensions that are equipped to support the product and heavy use. Perforated steel sheet and Plasma Cut steel also supplied in 2, 2.5 or 3mm thickness.

Benefit 4 – Vandal Resistant

Using both all steel and recycled plastic in our range of styles and designs. This means that a vandal resistant bench does not have to look industrial and uninviting.

Our designs are stylish whilst providing products designed to withstand heavy use, and attempts to break, deface or otherwise. Outdoor picnic tables also feature these vandal resistant properties in addition to being offered with secure to floor fixing. This option is offered with all our outdoor seating items.

Benefit 5 – Choice of colours and finishes

Our range of powder coated RAL colours provides for both rural areas where colours may be required in a more subdued tone to integrate with the countryside, to brighter more stand out colours for town and city use. Wood finishes too offer the traditional aspects in addition to an option on certain models of having a coloured painted finish.

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