Ornate post and Finial choices for noticeboards

post mounted noticeboard finial

External noticeboards with ornate posts and finials create an added touch of class and elegance!

Our expanding range of freestanding ornamental external noticeboards now caters for clients looking for a classic look and elegant design. The options allow us to create a cost effective solution to replace or enable you to install a new noticeboard with all the modern material benefits whilst maintaining style and presence.

By utilising modern Aluminium products we can now provide a range of options that allow our clients to select appropriate options to enhance their Outdoor Noticeboards and provide traditional looks whilst maintaining a cost effective solution that will last for many years.

Our choices are simple and effective as we offer you the following options:

Full ornate post set, which includes a post embellishment 550mm H with sculptured top and additional Sphere finials to cap the post in style.

Finial Top only provides you with option of adding either our Sphere Top with skirt design or Gothic style top with skirt design, which is easily added to the post to add a touch of class

Finials can also be supplied in an alternative colour to the main post colour as required, for example on Black posts clients sometimes prefer a Gold Sphere top cap to create elegance and superior visibility effect.

Due to our own manufacturing experience we can adapt and work with clients to offer solutions either from our range of products or unique to your own specific request.

The options provided are designed to create a traditional styling and elegance to the outdoor display, whilst utilising the benefits of Aluminium which ensures the product will not rust and provides a long lasting product that does not look tired in a short time.

Take a look at our ranges and for any additional assistance please feel free to contact our offices, we will be pleased to assist you further.

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