Post Mounted Noticeboards – The 5 main benefits and key features of our outstanding range

Post Mounted Noticeboards

Post mounted noticeboards provide a focal point for imparting information, communicating important matters to your users and advertising events and attractions. Many use our post mounted display cases as a valuable resource to inform visitors, residents and the like and with new restrictions and guidelines over Covid 19 many are using outdoor noticeboards more extensively. Many councils across the country have been upgrading their noticeboards and Whitehill Direct have therefore met this need with our wide range of sizes and styles, in addition to added colour choices for rural and countryside areas.

Benefit 1 – Will Not Corrode or Rust, with 5 Year Manufactures Warranty

The aluminium construction of our external noticeboards will not corrode or rust.

Our noticeboard display cases provide excellent return for your investment, with all of them issued with a full 1 year manufactures warranty. Many of our boards are still going strong, even after 15 years +!

Industrial and coastal areas also have the upgraded option on certain models, such as our Mendip Post Mounted Noticeboard Range, providing additional clear coat protection against salt air corrosion and sulphur dioxide. One specific example available for with this option is our popular Mendip Double Sided Dual Door 16A4 Noticeboard Display CaseAll boards are waterproof, weatherproof, have anti-condensation ventilation and waterproof seals. In addition to this, the posts themselves are calculated for wind tolerance.

On some of our noticeboards there is no need for any drilling for installation onto posts and boards are securely mounted with a minimum of fuss.

Rural Parishes have replaced timber boards with our noticeboards in our colour choices of brown, black and green. These finishes are very popular and add not only to the style, but also the longevity and integrity of the product, whilst not detracting form a rural setting. Just one our noticeboards available with these options is our Post Mounted External 6A4 display Noticeboard.

Benefit 2 – Variety of Sizes and Options

Our noticeboards are available in a wide variety of sizes. Ranging from our smallest A3 through to our largest at a total of 64 sheets of A4 display in our Mendip Noticeboard.

We offer single, double and triple door noticeboards, and now with double-sided options in all three styles of our range. This includes our unique Roofed Park Noticeboard with Double Sided Display.

The undeniable convenience of a double sided display case allows customers to double their display area without the added costs involved with installing further notice display cases either in tandem or elsewhere. So now you can attract and inform from both sides!

Many post mounted noticeboard display cases are crafted with integrated hinges and gas strut support arms. This provides direct support for safety when lifting, positioning, lowering and balancing the weight of our sturdy doors, removing need to hold them up or worse still as some clerks report balancing doors on their heads when lifting up from the bottom!!

Benefit 3 – Variety of Post Types

Our post mounted notice board options are available depending on size and case choice. These variants allow customers to ensure that they’re getting exactly what they’re looking for, and choosing the right design for them. Options on posts can include:

  • Submerged and base plated options
  • Round posts
  • Square posts
  • D shaped profile posts
  • Ornate posts with finials and embellishments
  • Oval posts will allow additional cases to be installed at an angle or in tandem formation
  • On our Park Noticeboards Hardwood Posts

Benefit 4 – Variety of Header Panels to Inform and Identify

We have available a wide range of header panels available for our post mounted noticeboards that are priced to include text and logo or crest from suitable artwork, thereby creating a unique noticeboard to further advertise companies, schools, councils and the like by means of a header logo.

On double sided versions, both faces are included and header shapes are also included in a variety of choices. Bespoke options available as requested.

Such examples of past work include our best selling Post Mounted External 8A4 Landscape Display Case, when we worked with our customers to create a custom, unique header panel for their needs. 


outdoor noticeboard ideal for big local scheme

Blue 8a4 size noticeboard on legs in childrens playground with blue telephone box

Shaped versions available – Arc shape gives the display a traditional feel, but for a more simpler heading, flat top provides a stylish alternative option, bespoke shapes are also available on request. Integrated Box section headers also provide a suitable medium to communicate your information.

Benefit 5 – Built to Last 

Aluminium metal notice board construction with double coated finishes that will not fade, rust or deteriorate in sunlight. Range of board depth thickness; 30mm, 58mm, 75mm, 95mm, 150mm. All our cases are fitted with 4mm UV rated acrylic cladding for clear display of notices.

Should vandalism occur, and a door be damaged, these can be replaced without the need to remove the noticeboard.

Our aluminium metal notice boards are versatile, long-lasting and therefore designed to withstand external elements. All are supplied with manufacturers 1 year warranty and are manufactured either in the U.K or in the E.U. All comply to industry standards and requirements, ensuring you have a quality product that will provide many years worth of use.